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Work/life balance is every entrepreneur's dream. Here are one entrepreneur's tips for growing your business without giving up your life outside the office. 


Good bosses care about getting important things done. Exceptional bosses care about their people. 


Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet sfotware used by professionals in the world. In my trainings many people ask me what is advance excel? and they come to attend my training only to see that what are the advance tools in excel that make it advance? I am always happy to answer all type of strange questions that my trainees ask me.

New worksheet functions

Microsoft Excel 2013 Preview adds about fifty new worksheet functions for compatibility with the Open Document Format (ODF 1.2).

And you can now use web service functions (in the Web functions category) to anonymously access REST Web services. Of special note is the FILTERXML function, which lets you use XPath expressions to filter the XML returned by a WEBSERVICE function call.

Quick Analysis

Data types and ranges for Microsoft Access, MySQL and SQL Server.

Do you know, what is success?

See your goals

Understand the obstacles

Create a positive mental picture

Clear your mind of self doubt

Embrace the challenge

Stay on Track

Show the world you can do it

String functions are mainly used to change the case of strings,concatenate strings,reverse strings,extract various part of strings and perform many other types of string manipulation.

In SQL Server there is a Several built-in string functions to perform string manipulations.All below functions takes string input value and return a string or numeric value.

ASCII : Returns the ASCII code value of a character(leftmost character of string).

Syntax: ASCII(character)