DATE Function

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If you find a data with date column in which date has been stored as shown below

05.06.2010     it is read as June 05, 2010, but it can also be read as May 06, 2010. The correct one is June 05, 2010 according to my regional settings.

If you replace the full stop sign with slash sign,it is possible that the date is converted to May 06,2010 which is incorrect answer.

In this scenario you can use DATE Function along with LEFT, RIGHT and MID Function to solve the problem.


1 Data Formula Result    
2 05.06.2010 =DATE(RIGHT(A2,4),MID(A2,4,2),LEFT(A2,2)) 05/06/2010    



Now 05/06/2010 is a correct date. The DATE Function convert and make the date according to your regional settings in the computer.