Why Advance Excel?

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Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet software used by professionals in the world. In my trainings many people ask me what is advance excel? and they come to attend my training only to see that what are the advance tools in excel that make it advance? I am always happy to answer all type of strange questions that my trainees ask me.
Advance Excel means using and applying those excel formulas and functions that increase your performance and reduce the chances of errors in your spread sheet workings and speedup decision making process. These advance techniques not only reduce your time that you spend in different calculations but also these techniques gives you a competitive advantages over normal excel users.
Following are different formulas/functions and techniques that are discussed in my advance excel trainings:

  • Data standardization techniques
  • 5 reason to use SUBTOTAL Function
  • 7 reasons to use AVERAGE Function
  • Data Consolidation Techniques
  • Sort Group and Ungroup Data
  • Filter, Advance Filters and Advance Filter in depth
  • Create a Pivot Table, Pivot Table Tool Bar and GetPivotData Function
  • Using Calculated Item and Calculated Field
  • What if Analysis (Data table, Goal Seek, Scenario Manager)
  • Exploring the powers of VLOOKUP
  • Manipulate Data Using Text Functions
  • Logical, Information and Lookup Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Database and Financial Functions
  • Using Controls
  • Data validation
  • Circular Reference
  • Formula Auditing and
  • Formatting and Chart Types
  • Dynamic charts using
  • List box, option button, Data validation
  • Introduction to Macro and VBA
  • Writing first Macro
  • Functions and subroutines
  • Workbook Events
  • User Form
  • Creating User Defined Functions (UDF), Exploring useful VBA function
  • Creating and Using Add-ins