Pakistan Embarks on Ambitious Project: Installation of 200,000 km Optical Fiber Cable Network Begins

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The Information Technology (IT) Ministry has demonstrated remarkable performance under the current government’s leadership over the past four months, according to a statement by the minister.

Dr. Umar Saif credited the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) for its pivotal role in securing timely approvals for the IT Ministry’s policies and projects.

He highlighted a new initiative benefiting IT companies, allowing them to retain 50% of their earnings in dollars in their accounts.

A global standard training program has been launched for 200,000 recent IT graduates from various universities.

The minister announced the successful resolution of the long-standing issue of digital payment gateways for freelancers. A pilot project starting on February 1 will create 10,000 accounts, enabling freelancers to receive payments directly.

Dr. Saif mentioned the establishment of 10,000 employment centers, providing freelancers with convenient facilities under one roof. He expressed optimism that these centers would contribute to increasing annual IT exports to $10 billion and employing around 100,000 freelancers.

Assuring the resolution of obstacles related to the 5G spectrum, the minister stated that the Action Advisory Committee’s directives would guide the auction scheduled for July-August.

Dr. Saif highlighted the successful implementation of the Right of Way Policy, resolving disputes between various institutions. The establishment of the Telecommunication Tribunal fulfilled a longstanding demand of the telecom sector.

To support young entrepreneurs, he announced the launch of the Pakistan Startup Fund, amounting to Rs. 2 billion. Additionally, Research and Development Funds are being established to facilitate mobile phone manufacturing companies.

The minister emphasized that the approval of the Space Policy has opened the satellite internet market for global companies.