Add a Line Break in Cell Contents Using Excel Formula

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Inserting a line break in Excel cell contents helps us, when

  • We are writing very long formulas
  • The length of content exceeding cell/column width

We can insert line break by two methods.

  • Using Alt + Enter
  • Using formula CHAR(10) (CHAR Function)

While writing long formulas use Alt + Enter to insert a line break and to add a line break in text string we use CHAR(10).

In the following example I use CHAR(10) and click Wrap Text (Alt + H + W) from Home Tab.

NameAddressCity, CountryFormulaResult
Kazam RazaH#1, Block E, PCSIR StaffLahore, Pakistan=A2&CHAR(10)&B2&CHAR(10)&C2Kazam Raza
H#1, Block E, PCSIR Staff
Lahore, Pakistan