CHAR Function

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This function is not in common use. However advance users of Excel use this function. For example if there is a Tab character in cell content, then it is very difficult to find it in normal excel working. I can easily find and replace it by using SUBSTITUTE Function and CHAR Function. For example if there is Tab character in kazamraza, you can not see it visually, you can replace Tab character with a space by using the following formula.

=SUBSTITUTE("Kazam"&CHAR(9)&"Raza",CHAR(9)," ")

When you export data from some software, there may be a chance that Tab and other non-printable characters are in the export file.

The CHAR function returns the character specified by a number.



The CHAR function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Number Required. A number between 1 and 255 specifying which character you want. The character is from the character set used by your computer.